Somasundaram Mahesh

Android Development Enthusiast


Actually the best code in this world is No Code, and everyone likes it though me, so I just love to make use of almost every FOSS and do the basic stuff, either on my droid projects or other, I just love FOSS both to use and to contribute so that it helps another one like me (why not you too).

Android Development

Love the way Android evolved, and I'm happy that I was learning to develop apps for Android some time ago even before android boomed up (Froyo), and I love to learn android every day from then and had been following some great googlers about the happening on it and would be the one among first to try new releases on the Android SDK

The Procast

Along with my friends made this Podcasting initiative to bring out the spark of technology everyone Tamilians striving between the normal life and routine life, especially to students and folks.